Print of the Month Club

Edward Weston believed that "photography is a poor man's art and anyone who wants to own a print should be able to" which is why he, with his last wife Charis Wilson, began producing Prints of the Month. 

I believe in this tradition, and so every month, I release a Print of the Month (POM) for a reduced price which can be purchased individually or as part of the year's POM Portfolio.

January's POM - Nude #54

Join the POM Club for early notification of prints and more!


  1. Start or add to your art collection with the finest museum prints hand-crafted by fine art photographer, Joleen Vincent. 
  2. Receive early notification about the POM.
  3. Receive one of the first prints in the edition. 
    • Joleen Vincent's prints are sold in limited editions of 40, members of the POM Club will always receive a low numbered print in the edition.
  4. Guaranteed print price of $150, regardless of how many prints sell.
    • Limited edition 8x10 prints are usually $600 in their first level (prints 1-10).
    • POM's are priced at $150 for one month; after the month has ended, POM's are regular price again.
  5. Choose to be charged automatically every month or make a one-time payment for the year's portfolio.

How I overcame the fear of booking my own boudoir shoot

Finally, in 2015 I booked a Las Vegas boudoir shoot with my friend and world-class photographer Jen Rozenbaum. I spent hours trying on and purchasing the right lingerie, plus an hour having my hair and makeup done. In return for my bravery, I was rewarded with the beautiful images you see on this page. At the time of this photo shoot I was a dress size 16... a few sizes bigger than I am now. I was scared to do this, but I was also exhausted from telling myself the same lie over and over again. I was guilty of photographing hundreds of boudoir shoots each year, telling my clients they were beautiful and deserved to treat themselves (and genuinely meaning it) ... but I told myself that I wouldn't look as good as everyone else. It took me 10 years to choose to believe that I too was beautiful enough and worthy of the same experience I was giving to others.

That is 10 years of me avoiding having my picture taken, 10 years of saying no instead of yes when I got invited to the beach! Years and years had come and gone and I was still telling myself "someday you will be worthy". It was a long discovery and healing process but I finally set myself free from this... Truly, the images from this boudoir shoot have been in the making my entire life. It took me until I was 30 years old to stop giving any fucks about what other people think of my body. I realized it was more important to seize the day and proclaim yourself worthy of looking and feeling sexy today. I absolutely adore and treasure these photographs and I am so happy I decided to get over myself and just do it!