How It Works


The Basics...


Book Your Shoot

I'm not just your photographer. I'm also the producer, creative director, location manager, stylist and shopping consultant. You can contact me here if you are having trouble deciding what type of session you would like to book. I can help you dream up unique ideas and save you time and frustration by guiding you through the process of preparing for your photo shoot. I offer three types of photo shoots: creative, boudoir and couples sessions. To learn more about the different session types or to book a photo shoot online please click here.

Wardrobe Consultation

At the time of booking you will be asked to fill out out a questionnaire to help me plan your photo shoot. Some photographers may invite you into their studio to be photographed without taking the time to get to know you. I think this is a huge mistake on their part. Your answers will help me determine your personal style, your sizes and what type of lingerie (if any) you are going to be comfortable in. Based on your questionnaire, I will create and email you a custom wardrobe recommendation - plus you will receive a printable photo shoot checklist and my lingerie guide, designed to help you choose the most flattering outfits.



Hair & Makeup

Hair & makeup is not required, however it included with most of my boudoir sessions. My professional stylist is experienced and she knows how to craft a perfect look just for you. Bring along a photo for reference, or leave it up to her to bring out what she feels would make you look exceptional. There is no doubt that my hair and makeup artist is one of the reasons so many of my boudoir clients are thrilled at the end result of their sessions.

Ordering Products

It takes about 7- 10 days after your photo shoot to digitally process your images. At the time of booking you will be sent a product catalog. Not sure what you need? Don't worry! In most cases I travel to your home to present your images to you in person. I walk you through the ordering process, show you albums and if necessary, measure the wall spaces in your home for custom artwork. Your products will arrive 3 -6 weeks after you place an order. If you need something sooner, let me know right away and I will do my best to accommodate you.


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