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It all started when...

I am a free spirit, an old soul and a lover of the Latin phrase ars gratia artis, meaning art for art's sake. The art of making pasta, the art of drinking wine, the art of conversation, the art art of making love... life gives us so many beautiful things to see, touch, taste and feel! I believe art can easily be found within everyday life and my favorite thing to accomplish as an artist is to take something already beautiful and make it shine even brighter.

Why specifically did I choose to shoot boudoir and not.... say weddings?

Because I am healing myself and the world one boudoir shoot at a time! I became a boudoir photographer because I am an average, if not beautiful woman who has experienced my fair share of body shaming (from both men and women) and thousands of painful little emotional cuts over the years from people who all told me that I wasn't good enough. I have been told that I have big feet, I am too fat, my breasts too small, my nipples too large, my nose too big... I have been told that I am too loud... and that I am not smart enough. Boudoir runs through my blood because I need to heal myself and I need to help heal other

The question that I get asked the most is how did I become a photographer?

It's both complicated and simple. There wasn't ever another career that made sense for me. I switched my major five times in college before I settled on photography. As first year college student and an inexperienced little puppy just out of high school, I resisted the idea of enrolling as an art major because of the myth that I would never make any money as an artist. When I finally able to let go of my fears, and become vulnerable enough to admit what it was that I really wanted... I was able to continually improve and find success in this industry.